Working @ TechDojo

30th Jan, 2022

We are expanding our team at Techdojo!

We are looking for dedicated and hardworking individuals to fill a wide range of roles in our growing engineering team.

Listed below are some of the areas where we will be adding both experienced professionals and enthusiastic learners:

  • Web platform and backend development
  • Mobile app development
  • AI / ML / NLP programming
  • Conference call / streaming tech
  • DevOps
  • QA
  • Analytics
  • Data security
  • Documentation

Experience levels:

Junior to Senior/Lead

  • Junior applicants should have some relevant experience and senior applicants should have demonstrable expertise in the area they are applying for.
  • Beyond technical abilities, all applicants must have good communication and collaborative skills.
  • Specifically for senior level applicants, it will be a bonus to have exceptional leadership qualities.

To apply or express interest in joining our team, email us at

Applicant email should contain:

  1. Subject: Interested in joining Techdojo’s Engineering Team
  2. Cover letter explaining why you are applying and why you are a good fit
  3. Self-assessment form filled out and attached as PDF
  4. Link to GitHub profile with highlighted projects
  5. Copy of your undergraduate transcript
  6. Copy of your Resume

Looking forward to your applications!